Under the name of Architectural Design, we provide a comprehensive consultancy services including architecture, engineering and value engineering in three phases:

  • Phase I The Design
  • Phase II The Tender
  • Phase III The Construction

Phase I
Design Phase

The Design Phase is composed of the four following stages:

  • Stage 1 Concept Design
  • Stage 2 Schematic Design (SD)
  • Stage 3 Design Development (DD)
  • Stage 4 Construction Documents (CD)

In Phase I, we develop the project step by step in close cooperation and coordination with the client. By understanding the land potential and constraints, the client’s spatial and financial requirements, and the building codes and regulations, we provide the best possible direction for the design. The next step is to obtain the Building Permit and approval of the Authorities.

Through Phase II, we prepare the Tender Documents (Specifications, Bill of Quantities and Method of Measurements) and tender the project. By evaluating the Tender prices and providing the Tender Analysis report, we support the client’s effort to select the most qualified contractor with the most reasonable price to construct the project.

Phase II
Tender Phase

Phase III
Construction Phase

We closely supervise the project throughout the Construction phase until the final creation is handed over to the client. This is to ensure that the procedure and quality of work is in compliance with the design and specifications. We also act as a point of contact between contractor and client, mediating between both parties to help settle financial issues.